"I’m Lucille from Winflo Curtains and we helped Stompin by sharing some space in our building for their show 6000 to 1… I remember Dylan Barker and Megan Denne coming in and doing a window display in our store for the promotion of the show… it was really wonderful to see the team effort, hard work and the growth of these young people… it became a small community network within our store and I still support Stompin in small ways". 

Terry and Jason from Samuel Pepy's Cafe:

"Over the years I have had a number of people who I work with involved in Stompin. I supported them with negotiating time off for rehearsals and performances... that was my way of supporting Stompin"- Jason.

"Going to Stompin shows is something that my daughter and I have done together in the past. I have always loved the performances, there isn’t anything else like them… I’ve also known young people in our community who have been involved as dancers and I always like to support them" - Terry. 

Connections from our Past Artistic Directors.

Dancer: 1994-1997.
Choreographer: 2001.

Co- Artistic Director: 2002-2009. 

"Stompin taught me about my own creative agency, that it could come out... become something tangible and it could be shared with my peers and performed for my community...".



What lessons did you take away from your days at Stompin? 

There is so much I have learnt from my Stompin experience… the first thing was that I could believe in myself… and to trust what I had to say and what I felt… what I learnt from Stompin was how to be with people… how to work together… how to have compassion and hold space for other people... I feel lucky to have encountered a creative process and company and a series of mentors that have such great values.  


What excites me is that I am going to still be an artist… it’s a little terrifying as well though... I wonder what it will be like ten to fifteen years down the track in the world and what it will be like to be an artist then… travelling around and world and living in different places... maybe that won't be possible anymore... maybe I’ll move back to Tasmania… what excites me are the possibilities and the potential. 

Community Engagement.



"Encouraging people to think about what is strong in their community and life... having conversations with people... you can do it in a lot of different can do it online, face to face... it is having conversations with each other... reaching out to be a part of something..."

-Sarah McCormack, Stompin Administrator, General Manager & Executive Producer, 2000-2014. 

Are you or do you know a past Stompin dancer, volunteer or supporter?  Reach out and comment on our blog posts or email


  Fully Connected is a digitally based community engagement project running alongside Stompin's 2017 major work, Fully Grown. Fully Grown will be presented as a part of Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania's international arts festival in March 2017. The show invites audiences into Launceston's City Park Conservatory where dance and mutlimedia tell the story of evolution from the big bang to present day and beyond.

This project will take us on a journey to discover and explore the unseen connections within our community throughout Stompin's 25 years.

A weekly accumulation of personal and community 'universes' presented in the form of stories, lessons, histories, journeys and hopes of our Dancers, Artistic Directors, Staff, Producers, Volunteers, supporters and community members. Fully Connected will look back on our grass-roots, share the present and peer into the future.

Fully Connected is rich, mutlilayered, open, deep, exciting, funny and surprising- it's a way to learn about our collective past and how Stompin has connected so many, locally, nationally, internationally and dare we say, universally. 

If you'd like to share your Stompin story please email our Fully Connected Coordinator Megan at or connect with a comment on our blog posts. 

It all begun in 1992. Stompin's founder, Jerril Retcher wrote her first ever grant on a "borrowed Macintosh Classic personal computer". She received $500 from Arts Tasmania and with that,  Stompin was born! 

It all begun in 1863. The Launceston Horticultural society handed their gardens over to the Launceston City Council. "The Peoples Park" was born!