"I’m Lucille from Winflo Curtains and we helped Stompin by sharing some space in our building for their show 6000 to 1… I remember Dylan Barker and Megan Denne coming in and doing a window display in our store for the promotion of the show… it was really wonderful to see the team effort, hard work and the growth of these young people… it became a small community network within our store and I still support Stompin in small ways". 

Terry and Jason from Samuel Pepy's Cafe:

"Over the years I have had a number of people who I work with involved in Stompin. I supported them with negotiating time off for rehearsals and performances... that was my way of supporting Stompin"- Jason.

"Going to Stompin shows is something that my daughter and I have done together in the past. I have always loved the performances, there isn’t anything else like them… I’ve also known young people in our community who have been involved as dancers and I always like to support them" - Terry.