“There are many places in the world where a young dancer can get formal training, but rarer and fewer are the schools or programs where a young dancer can have direct contact and practice with choreographic concepts and experience. At Stompin, the participants truly get creative training, becoming strong and confident artists, capable of expressing and crafting their ideas into pieces with integrity and care. I was touched by the way they worked together and each alone, displaying immense and unmitigated love for dance and for the community they form through that shared focus.” Eleanor Bauer, SYCP Guest Artist 2013.

Stompin delivers a multi-layered yearly program that invites young people, audiences, contributing artists and the broader community to engage with us in a variety of ways. Our program is always devised in consultation with our dancers. Our collective vision for each year includes: a new major work, a youth choreographic project, Primary Stompin, Stompin In Schools and our community programming.

Major Show

Each year we design a major show around themes and issues that are important to our young people. We hold a Show Call and everyone who attends and commits to the rehearsal process is accepted into the project. We create a professional dance production that is youth focused which allows our dancers to engage in their own way with every aspect of the shows creation. We hold a long creative development where our dancers collaborate with professional artists to create the work. Check out some of our shows here.

Stompin Youth Choreographic Project

We invite Australian choreographers with an interesting studio practice and a passion for working with young people to conduct a two-week choreographic intensive, mentoring the Stompin dancers in the making their own dance works. This project also serves as a way to keep Stompin connected to national and international trends in dance, and as a way to refresh our collective of dance artists who are interested in contributing as guest artists on our major shows.  Beyond this, it is a wonderful way to up-skill our dancers.  Our dancers are our choreographers in our shows.  The more skills our dancers have, the more they are able to contribute fully to our unique artistic processes.  

Primary Stompin

We design and deliver a major show for upper primary school students, inviting students from Northern Tasmanian primary schools, local and regional, to join us at our Studio to make a work about issues important to them.   We see Primary Stompin as a way to introduce the values and aesthetics of Stompin to 10 to 12 year olds: a simple, fun process with a social conscience and a celebratory outcome.  

Please contact alison@stompin.net for more information.