What's On


DRILL has invited Stompin dancers to join their Senior Company members in Hobart to create and perform a site-specific work, 'Something’. 

Saturday May 26th


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart.

The two companies will spend the day inside the museum collecting ideas, suggestions, and inspiration from the museum and its patrons. After the museum closes, everything that was collected during the day will form a 30-45 minute improvised piece that will be performed for/with an audience. Nothing will be rehearsed, instead the dancers are asked to be, respond and dance in the moment.

Come see them in action! TICKETS HERE 

Stompin in Studio

In 2018 Stompin will be running their Primary Stompin Classes again as well as some more advanced classes for older students. Check out the info here!


Stompin @ MOFO's Block Party 2018

Onesie world was a unique performance created for the MoFo Festival: Launceston Block Party
The dancers from Stompin, adorned in glorious onesies designed by Adele Varcoe, danced and moved to the sound of an original music score and an orchestra of live sewing machines!  

Video and editing by Gabriel Comerford